WLAN Toolbox for MATLAB Users
This PHY-focused WLAN Toolbox is developed for the MATLAB users employing the MATLAB core engine only without the need for any additional toolboxes. It is developed based on the IEEE 802.11 standards with a series of amendments like a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be. 11ax (HE) was approved in December 2020 by the Working Group and 11be (EHT) is the latest amendment under development. Also available in the toolbox portfolio are 11ah (sub 1 GHz license exempt applications like IoT) and 11bd (NGV).
Engineer's Waveform Work Bench (eWWoB)
This is a GUI based waveform workbench built on the MATLAB platform. It facilitates the engineer to examine the signal integrity and standard compliance of the hardware design and implementation (DSP/FPGA/ASIC).
Please click on the above icon to view a brief introductory video clip (3 min).
and legacy (nonHT)
More info for 11ax (HE)